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sociology and legal studies
minoring in sexuality, marriage and family studies and peace and conflict studies

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the curious incident of the dog in the night-time


ED confession

Just a safe space for you to be open and anonymous about whatever you need. We DO NOT promote EDs, we are recovery oriented. <3


i've got my heart set on what happens next.

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a soul on fire

stay away sweet misery

all your dead end fury is not enough
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Make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop please please please make it stop I am begging you please make it stop turn it off in my brain please please


Cause my hair is hella. 


can we all get in one big bed and just cuddle? thanks.


24 year old Taylor Swift — singer, songwriter, actress & philanthropist. Also an amazing person and a big inspiration.

slaying since 1989.


Karen Nanasca, The Australian Ballet Photography Georges Antoni


честит ден

hey friends! If you can send some love to simplemindedhappiness that would be greatly appreciated, she’s going through a rough time, thank you!